The Head of Mission facilitates communication and working together within the crew. They are also in a position to communicate with external actors, other vessels, land structures, coast guard, authorities.They are capable of taking decisions, both by facilitating discussions and by taking the lead when the situation requires it.


  • Fluent English
  • Advanced knowledge of the political and operational situation in the central Med as well as the legal framework of our operations, insofar as necessary for the safe and confident communication with (so-called) authorities.
  • Awareness of power structures within society and one’s own role in a position of power
  • Experience in facilitating discussions and decision making processes in teams
  • Experience in SAR: at least 2 missions (not necessarily as HoM)


  • Italian language skills
  • Experience on smaller crafts /Rhib-driving skills
  • radio certificate
  • basic first aid training
  • experience with crowd management / conflict resolution/ mediation
  • experience with living together with a diverse yet small group of people
  • Any other relevant language: French, Arabic, Bengali, etc