SAR RIB Driver:

The RIB Driver with civil SAR Experience is driving the first RIB and responsible for the first assessment operation outside the range of the MARE*GO. Important jobs are to keep the situation under control together with the Cultural Mediator, communicate with HoM and 

“Deck” is short for the person with the deckhand role, main crew helping out during mooring/ manoeuvrers. They support the Captain in training other crew members on basic line handling and deck work, as well as using SAR equipment. They are the designated SIB driver when deemed necessary to use the smaller rescue boat, and are additionally the main support for Guest Care.


  • Experience of sailing/ deck work on small vessels
  • experience with crowd management / conflict resolution/ mediation
  • SIB/Rhib driving skills and certificate (RYA level 2, equivalent or above)

Particularly desired:

  • good spoken level of French and/or Arabic
  • experience with team work and food/NFI distributions
  • Experience in maintenance of outboard engines

The Engineer on board is the person responsible for maintenance and repairs of all the technic. In operations, they switch to be the second RIB Driver. They also support with deck and guest care work, whenever other duties allow.


  • Fluent English
  • Experience in engine maintenance – ideally similar craft (twin MAN V10 Diesel engine, no bow thruster)
  • Experience of sailing / helm on small vessels


  • Experience in SAR
  • AEC1 or above, STCW Engine& Bridge Watchkeeping licence
  • Experience with maintenance of Electric Systems (Battery system, engine controls etc)
  • basic first aid training
  • Deck skills
  • radio certificate
  • experience with crowd management / conflict resolution/ mediation
  • experience working with volunteers, some of whom with limited nautical experience
  • experience with living together with a diverse yet small group of people
  • Any relevant language: Italian, French, Arabic, Bengali, etc